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Target Customers
The product is applicable to legal entities duly registered and natural persons with ample fund, the wish of obtaining high capital return, certain financial market analysis capability and appropriate ability to withstand risks.

Functional Features
The product is the most common investment derivative that can be pegged to multiple indices (such as interest rate, exchange rate, share, commodity and credit), has an expected yield higher than that of time deposit and can meet diversified needs of customers.

Mega Banking Advantages

  • Based on the target customer, it is divided into three major categories: general product targeting at SME legal person customers, exclusive product targeting at big legal entities and high-value persons.

  • Multiple choices: Mega Banking product can be pegged to multiple indices (such as interest rate, exchange rate and commodity). Meanwhile, our Cooperative Banks provides the structured deposits with minimum yield and all or part of principles guaranteed.

  • Customized design: the product is flexible to meet customers’ different needs through deposit and withdrawal of diverse paths, combination of deposit date, amount, term and pegging indices.

Risk Prompt
Main risks facing customers: early withdrawal is not allowed during the product duration (liquidity risk), and our Cooperative Bank is asked to early terminate the product by a judicial organ of customer's country.

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