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Target Customers
It is applicable to the legal non-financial enterprises that are established within the territory of many specific countries or regions(*) and have short-term direct financing demand and relatively sound operating results.
* Including the major countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, China's special economic zones, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, and Nigeria.

Features and Advantages
The product boasts simple registration procedures and low access threshold. The customer only needs to register at the traders association(*). And customers are allowed to roll over the instruments during two years after it receives the registration notification from the association. It can help the customers raise stable and low-cost short-term funds in the inter-bank market to support their production and operating activities.
* Our collaborators can lend the membership to the demanders, even share with them for free.

Mega Banking Advantages

  • Solid underwriting strength: Our Cooperative Banks are a Class-A member for underwriters for the treasury bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance of some nations,  good grade traders in the open market business and the best institutions that were awarded the qualification of underwriting debt financing tools for non-financial enterprises in some specific countries or regions.

  • Rich underwriting experience: We have a professional underwriting service team and abundant bond underwriting experiences. It has established sound and effective internal operating mechanism in respect of customer service, examination and assessment of credit risk, and execution of underwriting transactions.

  • Smooth communication and cooperation: Our Cooperative Banks have established and maintained sound communication and coordination with the regulators as well as favorable business cooperation with investors on customers' position, and is able to ensure smooth issuance of the related products, keep secrets and resist the pressure of being transparent for our customers.

The issuance price of the product is determined based on the term of issuance, the customer’s credit rating, the flexibility of law and the market environment.


  1. Project examination: the customer shall submit the application materials to our designated bank based on requirements of the regulatory departments so that we could carry out the due diligence investigation and credit risk examination on the customer.

  2. Registration and declaration: we will present the project registration and declaration materials to traders association for consideration.

  3. Product issuance: after the project is reviewed and adopted by traders association., the latter will issue the registration notification. The customer could select an “announcement date” during the next 2 months after it received the notification to issue the announcement, and complete the issuance on the “issuance date”.


Target Customers
The business is applicable to individual and corporate customers who are from emerging market countries with the purpose of hedging and avoiding risks in interest rate fluctuation, especially those holding medium- and long-term foreign exchange loans with floating interest rates and wishing to reduce fixed interest rate expenditure at an early stage.

Functional Features
The product has clear and simple structure and flexible transaction elements. Customers pays low fixed interest rate at the early stage, which increases progressively each issue thereafter. In addition, there is no need to pay fees at an early stage. By using this product, customers can circumvent the market risk of interest rate fluctuations and fix the financing costs of enterprises. At the same time, the customers may, based on market prices for interest rate swaps of different terms, select the most favorable loan interest payment structure to reduce corporate financing costs.

Features and Advantages

  • Competitive product quotation: We can offer better product quotation thanks to its professional and experienced traders and product design and quantitative analysis teams, flexible pricing mechanism and strong competitiveness.

  • Customized design: the product is flexible to meet customers’ different needs through combination of product period and structure.

  • Continuous dynamic management: Our Agency Banks can regularly provide customers with transaction evaluation reports, and provide subsequent dynamic management services according to the market quotations and their demands.

Application Process

  • Customer assessment: We carries out due diligence of the customer, comprehensively assesses it based on its business nature, financial derivative trading experience and internal management & control, and recommends suitable product varieties to it.

  • Signing of the master agreement: To apply for the incremental foreign exchange interest rate swap business, customers must sign related business agreements with Our Agency Banks.

  • Implementing guarantee measures: customers need to pay security deposit or hand over collateral or may occupy special credit limit of derivative transaction.

  • Risk disclosure and confirmation signing: We gives risk warning to customers in terms of cash flow analysis, market capitalization, influence factors and potential market capitalization loss. Customers needs to confirm risk warning contents in writing and sign the confirmation.

Risk Prompt
Customers may face risks of negative net cash flow due to possible changes in market interest rate, loss or profit in market value assessment, additional security deposit being required in cases of negative results of market value evaluation, additional cost being incurred from squaring. Customers shall completely understand every article in the agreement and make independent decision based on their own judgment. Customers shall take into account force majeure and possible accidents, losses arising from which have nothing to do with us.

The business has the lower limit of USD 10 million or equivalent and the shortest term of 12 months (delivery once every month).


Target Clients
Agent clients of the Gold Exchange (*) members, including:

  • Gold mining companies: mines, refineries.

  • Companies using gold: gold processing companies, companies selling gold, industrial companies using gold.

  • Other corporate clients related to gold production or gold business.

  • High-volume Individual investors.

* London Metal Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Shanghai Gold Exchange, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Singapore Mercantile Exchange, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange.


  • Meet lessee's needs for daily production and operation.

  • Avoid the risks caused by fluctuations of gold prices.

  • Optimal financing structure and improved efficiency in the use of capital.

  • Lower financing cost for lessee.

Fee Schedule

  • Leasing fee = weight of gold under lease × daily leasing fee rate × leasing days × gold fix price.

  • Leasing fees should be paid in (HKD, USD, EUR, RMB, SGD). The rate of leasing fee is fixed during the leasing period. Gold fix price is the Gold Exchange's closing price of the category matched with the leased gold one day before delivery.

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