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Target Customers

  1. Autonomous expenditures of people are unreasonably restricted by rules of the exchange rate regime, and Profit margin of investors are coercively intervened by regulators who prefer to invade the privacy of private wealth. That result in loss of proper value which they deserve in another currency or region.

  2. Some types of moderate liberals are eager for the alternative pathway of something moving.

  3. In some parts of the world, hardworking people suffered unfair exploitation for different reasons in different jurisdictions.

These people who need help are well suited to Mega Banking Services, so as supporting both reasonable tax saving and the right of fund transfer.


Mega Banking Advantages


  • It supports the application of 9 major currencies and 27 regional ones. It's intermediaries for operations include cash, remittances, bank notes, government bonds and bitcoins etc.

  • The cost of operation is far less than exchange losses of 99% of commercial banks on the world. The conversions and transactions are always completed in short period of time even smaller than five minutes. It is so safe, fast and convenient thereby a few past clients offered with their own initiative to delete the formality to sign the service agreement.

  • Customers receive funds with their expectation in cash, remittance or equivalent securities. And we also support face-to-face delivery services in some safe cities.

Risk Prompt

  • All fees must be deducted prior to delivery, and regardless of any request for reconsideration or petition, they cannot be refunded once the conversion process has been completed.

  • Due to the particularity of this service, its system is different from the operation structure and personnel of our other products, if you are not a past customer, you need to contact your broker or jewelry store and place an order through them.


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