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POF, Proof of Funds, Power of Funds, Proof of Cash :

Template 19 in a designed field of the SWIFT Message

To (----------),

We the undersigned of (----------) with address at (----------), confirm with full bank responsibility that the account holders (----------) - represented by (----------) holder of passport no.(----------) have cash funds of US $ (----------) presently on deposit in the above referenced account as described below.
Amount (----------)
Account Number (----------)
Account Signatory (----------)

We further confirm that these funds are clean, clear and of non-criminal orign and have been legally deprived from the source of normal commercial orign, and free from any liens and encumbrances.

We irrevocably confirm with full bank responsibility that these funds can be authenticated and verified for above referenced transaction codes. We are prepared to failitate the verification and authentication of these funds on our client instruction holding the said deposited funds herein can be authenticated and verified via SWIFT on a bank to bank basis.

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