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POF, Proof of Funds, Power of Funds, Proof of Cash :

Template 6 in a designed field of the SWIFT Message

To (----------),

We, (----------), located at (----------), hereby confirm with full Bank responsibility and with full legal liability, that you (----------) has available Cash Funds in the amount of (----------) United States Dollars / EUROS ($/€###,###.##), which is on deposit in Account Number (----------).

We further confirm that these Cash Funds on deposit are legally earned, good, clean, cleared funds of non-criminal origin and are free of any liens or encumbrances. Said Cash Funds are immediately available and freely transferable.

We further confirm that you, (----------) with Passport Number (----------), issued by (----------), has been recorded as Signatory on the above referenced account and we are prepared to reserve and (----------) via SWIFT MT(----------) as per your instructions to the Party / Beneficiary and Co-ordinates which you will nominate. We will send (----------) within (----------) Banking Days of receiving your Directive to do so.

We further confirm our willingness to communicate and send confirmation on your behalf of these Cash Funds on deposit and of our readiness to reserve and (----------) via SWIFT to the Co-ordinates designated by you.

These Cash Funds may be verified and confirmed by responsible bank inquiry via SWIFT communication through the following co-ordinates.

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